Wāvtech Integration Systems are Here and Waiting!

Wāvtech Integration Systems are Here and Waiting!

Wāvtech is exceptional mobile audio integration products for audiophiles.  Their products are engineered to provide a truly remarkable listening experience.  Designed for the professional installer, their OEM integration and specialty sound processor models are on of the best solution available for upgrading your car audio system.  To see what the best integration for your vehicle will be, come in or give us a call at the shop at 951-699-7509 and ask for Devin.



When upgrading your audio system, a good clean signal is critical.  The linkD is a versatile little box with dual functionality.  It works as a high output voltage line driver or as an active, low impedance line output converter (LOC).  This makes it a great choice for upgrading aftermarket and OEM audio systems.


One of the biggest disappointments after installing a new audio system can be a poorly imaging soundstage.  No matter how hard you try, you just can’t get the image positioned where you want it.  Another common problem occurs in systems with multiple subwoofers, powered by multiple amplifiers.  Issues with phasing can create a loss in bass output.  The linkT solves these problems and more.


In some vehicles, OEM audio systems have built in equalization to help compensate for the poor performance of the equipment that they installed.  That might be ok unless you upgrade to better performing aftermarket gear, in which case this equalization can compromise the sound of your new system.  The Wāvtech linkQ has a 1-band paragraphic EQ that can correct this OEM snafu.


You have just added a subwoofer to your system but something isn’t quite right.  Maybe what is needed is a little bit of equalization?  It could be that the crossover built into your amplifier doesn’t have a steep enough slope.  Maybe you are using a ported enclosure and could really use a subsonic filter.  Whatever the issue, the bassFREQ can help resolve it.


When it comes to adding an amplifier or amplifiers to your factory audio system, the link4 does what models from competing brands just can’t.  Simply put, the link4 is the most flexible 4-channel LOC available today.


Today’s factory installed audio systems are becoming more complex.  With many of the vehicles controls and operations integrated into the source unit, replacing it is no longer an option.  Some vehicles have amplifiers dedicated to each individual speaker. When you aren’t satisfied with the OEM systems sound, these factors make it increasingly difficult when it comes time to upgrade.  That is why you need a link8.

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