JBL Apex Amps Are Designed to Take a Beating

The Apex Series PA1502 powersports amplifiers deliver efficient Class D power, from an ultra-compact chassis, designed to fit into tight spaces and withstand outdoor environments without missing a beat. Available with 2-channels of output power, the Apex Series PA1502 includes selectable electronic crossover frequency adjustment, with lo-pass capability & selectable bass boost, for quick and easy installation. Plus, it has been engineered for harsh conditions, with power and performance to meet the needs of most audio systems making it the perfect match for all of your JBL car, marine and powersports products.

Ultra Compact Aluminum Chassis

JBL Apex powersports amplifiers feature an ultra-compact aluminum chassis and a small footprint design to allow for installation almost anywhere

Conformal-Coated PCB

JBL Apex powersports amplifiers are engineered to withstand harsh conditions, with full “marinized” circuit boards to ensure flawless power delivery, year after year.

Full Range Outputs and Selectable Crossovers

The Apex Amplifier features selectable all/ hi-/lo-pass crossover filters, with selectable 12DB per octave electronic crossover slopes from 60-, 80-, 120Hz to allow for quick and easy installation.

High and Low Level Inputs

speaker level and low level inputs let JBL Apex amplifiers integrate with just about any audio input.

Harman Standard Reliability Testing

JBL Apex Amplifiers have to go through environmental testing that would destroy other amplifiers. JBL freezes them, bakes the, shakes them, blast them with UV light, salt spray them, and drives the, at full power for days at a time.