Memphis M7 subs were created to take a beating and perform with maximum quality at the same time!

Memphis Audio created the M7 Series M71512 15″ subwoofer for high-performance bass reproduction. The polypropylene cone has the stiffness to maintain high levels of accuracy, while its double-stitched rubber surround helps to maximize and control excursion. The vented cast-aluminum basket keeps things cool, and virtually eliminates resonances that can color your bass.

Handles plenty of power
The triple 2.5″ aluminum voice coils combine with a 120-ounce magnet to handle up to 750 watts RMS, so make sure you have plenty of power on tap for these big boys. Easy-to-use color-coded jumpers allow you to wire the sub for 1 or 2 ohms for system flexibility, great news if you have a high-performance mono sub amp.

Come in to get a demo and hear them for yourself or give us a call at 951-699-7509 and speak to a member of our team!