When you’re looking for great bass, today’s smaller vehicles can make it tough to fit the sound you need into the space you have. Now Memphis Audio comes to the rescue with their MOJO Mini Series loaded enclosures, which pack the acclaimed sound of their MOJO subwoofers into unprecedentedly small enclosures to give you the rumble you need in a confined space.

Memphis’ enclosure features two of their new MOJO Mini 8″ and 6-1/2″ subs, bringing you the proven design of the MOJO Series in a compact package. The fiberglass-reinforced cone offers the stiffness needed to minimize distortion, and the stitched foam surround and cast aluminum basket help keep the cone on track. The enclosure’s 1-ohm impedance lets you draw maximum power from your amplifier, and it’ll handle up to 1400-1800 watts of RMS, so you’ll get all the bass you can handle.

Built to last
The enclosure is specifically designed to bring the best out of the sub, with a ported design that emphasizes the bass frequencies to give you even more punch.
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