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JL Audio VXi Amplifiers

Now in stock and on special for the month of August! Designed to simplify great audio, every VXi amplifier combines our advanced NexD2™ switching amplifier technology with an integrated, full-featured digital signal processor. With JL's second-generation NexD2™ technology, the VXi are true full-range amplifiers. The NexD2™ full-range technology in this amplifier is DSP-controlled and features [...]

Memphis 5ch Marine Amplifier now 20% Off!

We're having a sale on Memphis Audio's MXA5.750 5-channel amplifier! This amp is ready to be the heart of your impressive new marine or powersports audio system, with 80 watts from each of its front and rear channels, plus up to 350 watts from the subwoofer channel. When you have that much juice at your [...]

Custom Fit Car Floor Mats for Only $149.95!

FLOOR MATS FOR JEEPS, TOYOTA, AND FORD TRUCKS! Custom fitting weather proof floor mats, brand new and unopened! High end floor mats completely cover carpeted area, for complete interior protection! Good quality with channeled grooves to keep feet and shoes clean and the mess away from you 16+ F-150 SUPERCAB BENCH SEAT 16+ F-150 SUPERCAB [...]