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Introduction to Car Stereo

Why a New Car Stereo? A stereo is the main component of any car audio system. It is often called the radio, receiver, or head unit. To understand how a stereo functions, it's helpful to think of a car in-dash stereo as having three different parts: source, pre-amp, and amplifier. The Source: The source is [...]

Bluetooth Just Got Easier With TranzIt BLU HF, you can now access your music,calls, and navigation from your phone using voice recognition and the control button.  Perfect for the IPhone or Android, the TranzIt Blu answers all your Bluetooth needs while using your existing car stereo, rather than changing your entire system.

5 Things to Know About Remote Starters

5 Things to Know About Remote Starters Remote starters are great for those frigid mornings when you want to slide into a nice and toasty vehicle for the drive to work. However, before you rush out and purchase one, there are a few things you need to know about remote starters. Ranges All remote starters [...]

Upgrading Your Boats Stereo System

Choose A Professional If you've heard an aftermarket marine audio sound system, you know how much more enjoyable it can make your boat time. Even if your boat never leaves the dock, the crisp audio and sound quality of marine stereo speakers will make any boat time enjoyable. Unfortunately, someone skilled in outboard maintenance or [...]

Why Professional Installation?

Horror stories, we've heard them over and over... The "backyard install" that melted the wiring of the entire car. The amplifier and sub installation that blew an $8,000 system. Even the wiring job by your “mechanic” friend that swore he knew what he was doing. Yeah, we know that guy. Rarely these jobs are pretty [...]