We have full kit installed on a demo car that is open to the public. Please stop by and see just how much you love this audio system before you buy.


The line still centers around Hi-Resolution Audio performance, though not at the ultimate 384kHz/32 bit resolution of the more exclusive F#1Status that began shipping in December.

The new Status is a full system that uses “the same engineering and design concepts drawn from the third generation, Ultra High-Resolution AlpineF#1Status system,” said the company. While the components are designed to work together for optimal Hi-Res performance, they can also be sold separately.

The Status delivers 192kHz/24Bit playback (6.5 times the amount of data in a CD or digital streaming service).  This is also higher than the 96kHz/24Bit resolution of most aftermarket solutions, said Alpine.

The Status includes 8 components starting with a two-part head unit. The HDS-990 has a controller/screen and a black box. It’s designed for 192kHz playback either by wired USB DAC  or a wireless Bluetooth connection.

The compact controller has buttons for basic music controls, a Hi-Res color screen that displays playback data and album cover artwork, and a volume knob. The separate black box allows flexible installation. It has 25Wx4 output, high-performance RCA outputs, and an optical TOSLINK port to work with the HDP-D90 Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Amplifier.

The DSP/amp has an ultra-wide audio bandwidth of 10Hz-110kHz.  Designs like a copper-plated chassis, bring the signal-to-noise ratio up to >110dB. It has a Crystal Oscillator Clock Generator that eliminates jitter (timing errors) and accurately reproduces sound.   The DSP has 12 channels of high-level input that allow the factory head unit to be retained.  It also works with aftermarket products and can function as a standalone music source via Bluetooth streaming.

The Status features a 3-way speaker set with a Hi-Res bandwidth of 55Hz – 60kHz and an 11-inch subwoofer that handles 400 watts RMS/800 watts peak power.

Other components, specs and pricing are listed below. Again, shipping is expected this summer.