Experience True Power and SPL Quality Sound

The VIV1422 is the most awe-inspiring subwoofer ever created by Memphis. This massive 14″ subwoofer features an enormous 7.5″ dual layer voice coil engineered to allow this monster to play exceptionally flat at extreme power making it an excellent sound quality and SPL subwoofer. The DVVC (direct vent voice coil) cooling technology rapidly dissipates heat allowing the VIV1422 to play louder and longer. The VIV1422 thrives off extreme power and is capable of handling an absurd 2200(w) RMS power. Memphis equipped this subwoofer with a folded double stitched surround for increased excursion without sacrificing effective surface area. The VIV1422 was designed and developed in the USA and is the best subwoofer ever created by Memphis.